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It's Right In Your Reach

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It's Right In Your Reach

I know you feel the reality of writing your own book, seems to be far away. Just think about it. It's your story, your ideas and your tips. It's right in your reach. It doesn't have to happen when others say so, but only when you feel the time is right. Getting your thoughts organized can also drive you crazy, because you are not sure how you want it to flow. Guess what, it's your book, so there is not preset pattern. Be unique, Be original, Be creative, but do it.

It seems a less stressful first time book could be a journal. You don't have to have a lot of words, but you do need to have thought provoking topics. If you have encouragement and strategies about a situation you went through and you want to offer 10 tips of encouragement, then think of the 10 tips with questions that will challenge your reader to grow and apply your tips to their situation. If you think this would be a great first start for you, you can download a template here for $5.00.

What are you waiting for? Let's get started now. After all, it's right in your reach.