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    "You write it, we spread it"

    Our Mission


    Here at Jambugg & Company, we want to help you with all your publishing or printed service’s needs.

    ~Business Cards



    ~Customized Greeting Cards



    ~Assist with Self Publishing Books

    We want to become the brand you trust and depend on to make everything just right. As our motto says, “You write it, we spread it.” We want to take your vision and bring it to life.

    JamBugg also writes, produces, and directs. Our current project is our web series, "Love, At What Cost." Stay tuned for more on this project.

  • Who Are We

    We're on a mission to bring your printing needs to life.

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    Miranda Cole

    CEO & Creator

              Miranda Cole, CEO, and Founder of JamBugg & Company is a company of creative thinking and innovative design. With a need to create new, impactful and relevant printed materials, Jambugg & Company was born. Miranda has been a desktop publisher for years and loves to create her own masterpieces. Poetry has always been her outlet and as time passes the passion grows stronger and stronger daily. She is a published author with a book of poetry entitled, "As Seasons Change."

    ​JamBugg​ Greetings is a new fresh line of greeting cards, tailored to the art of customization. However, we still have ready-made/traditional available.

    ​ JamBugg Journals are a fresh perspective on a traditional pastime that can be tailored to fit any personal, business or organizational purpose. The current journals are a part of the Wisdom Series. We have Faith and Trust out and currently working on Love. Be on the lookout for Hope, Kindness, Joy, and Peace.

    ​ With JamBugg Editing and Interior book design services, we can help you take that book idea from manuscript to published product. You can be a published author.

    We work with all individuals, businesses, churches and are keen on the cultivation of a collaborative relationship.

    She also adds playwright, screenwriter, and author to her arsenal.


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    JamBugg's journals are a fresh idea to encourage you as you write.
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    $12.00 - $15.00
    T-shirts to inspire and motivate authors & writers.
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    Customized Planners/Journals

    Customized Planners/Journals

    $75.00 - $100.00
    Let's create the planner that's just for you. It will be just the way you like it, because you will create it.
    Different images for front/back
    Themed interior details
    To-Do Lists
    Coming soon
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